While various anti-depressant medications have been manufactured to help those affected, it would be meaningful to try other depression treatment alternatives first. Depression is among the most common mental disorders worldwide. This health condition affects millions of people regardless of age. As a severe health issue, depression can adversely impact your quality of life and

Litigation or Mediation

Litigation or Mediation

Litigation or Mediation? Mediation is a mechanism which puts the awareness of settlement into the consciousness of parties in dispute, it is future-focused and seeks getting the parties beyond their conflict, and it is about finding resolutions and not about proving who is right or wrong. When blame and judgment are removed, resolutions see the

Hypothyroidism 1


Hypothyroidism Feelings of shame, frustration and anger sometimes linger with one’s extra unexplained weight gain. Then one turns for medical terms to explain one’s struggle, followed with a search for “quick fix” solutions. Could these be primary signs of a medical condition called “hypothyroidism”? In this context, let’s step back and go over some basics.

The Ketogenic Diet 1

The Ketogenic Diet: What is it, How does it Work and Why? Thinking about going on the keto diet? You’re not alone! It’s quickly gaining popularity as a weight loss diet. Actually, it has been used for years in a clinical sense to help alleviate symptoms of neurological symptoms.   You may have heard the

Hormones 1


HORMONES I wonder, and it is a good thing to wonder… Are we harboring chaos in our bodies right now? From the water we drink, the type of job we have, where we live, what we eat, the way we sleep at night, to the thoughts we personify all day every day… All of these

Natural Farming 1 1

Natural Farming

Natural Farming Natural farming, sometimes referred to as Zero Budget Natural Farming (“ZBNF”), is a practice that is growing in popularity for adding value to the practice of farmers, for the benefit of the soil and for the environment. ZBNF is a holistic alternative to the present paradigm of chemically engineered production of farming materials,

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